Monday, August 1, 2011

Self-improvement kick

So I've been on a bit of a self-improvement kick lately (and maybe some of you are thinking by 'kick' do you mean 'life?'), focusing on wanting to exercise, eat better, become an early bird, become frugal (I'm maybe learning that there is a difference between habitually just not spending that much and consciously finding ways to spend less), and as always, learning/practicing new skills.
Ok.  You're right.  This isn't a kick.  Self-improvement is a part of my fabric. I just recently reread/retook the enneagram and discovered that I am a 4, and 4s tend to lean toward self-improvement (among other things).  The first time I ever took the enneagram, I thought I was an 8 (I do tend to stand up for what I feel strongly about), and then the second time, I wondered if I could be a 9 (Steve did not get on board with that, which should've been my first clue that I am not a 9).  So I took the test again, read the book again....and if I'm really honest with myself....I am a 4, for better or for worse.  I had Steve read it, pretending he was me, and he came up with 4 as well.  So I feel good about that.  Steve is a 2, if you were wondering.
So, even though self-idulgence-improvement is nothing new, the above list is my current kick.  For the month of August, Steve will be uber busy with work, and I will be waiting for school to start (starts in September).  In my opinion, 1 month is too short of a time to try to find a job only to quit it for school, but it is too long of a time to just sit around staring at the wall.  So I will be working on tackling the above list (and whatever else I can think of), and blogging about it (and whatever else I can think of).

And since all blogs are better with pictures, here are some I took this morning (after I feared that I may've accidentally garbage-disposalled an important piece of our blender, I discovered that in addition to possibly garbage-disposalling the piece, I had actually garbage-disposalled a dishrag):

Trying to be brave.

Trying not to throw up, but also feeling relieved and impressed that the rag was still intact.

After devising a plan to run the dishwasher, so that whatever was still near the top of the garbage disposal would come back up into the sink, I discovered to my great relief that I had not left the piece of the blender to be disposed of, but had set it on the bottom of this water bottle to dry (high up and away from everything, so that it would not fall into the drain.  how clever).
Happy Ending.

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