Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brunch of champions.

This morning after church we were HUNGRY (hadn't eaten breakfast....and the sermon was all about being full of the spirit. But there were some illustrations about being full of food to help remind us how hungry we were).
So we came home and made a leisurely brunch of champions.  We both had some sort of eggs and toast and coffee, and it was so delicious and of course got me to thinking*.  
Clearly we ate it all long before I thought to take a picture. Was good though. I had scrambled eggs with spinach and onions, toast with butter and jelly, and coffee with milk and cinnamon. Steve had soft boiled eggs with toast and butter, and black coffee.

What if I treated breakfast like something that was as mandatory as getting to work/school/church on time?  Normally my routine is to roll out of bed, shower (if there's time), and grab some sort of lame breakfast on my way out the door to eat in the car (if there's time).  Our first year in Lithuania, there was a yummy bakery on the way to school (well, it's probably still there) that I would stop at and get some pastries to eat as I walked the half-hour to work. That's only one half step up from eating a bagel or a granola bar in the car.  Now of course this may just be my recent self-improvement kick talking, but something about this has got to change.  I've come far enough where I actually like breakfast, and want it (which wasn't always the case).  Now I just want it where it isn't rushed and it is complete.  Whether it is a delicious toast and eggs type of meal, or a shake, I am going to have to remind myself that I think it is worth getting up an extra hour or hour and a half early to sit and eat breakfast.  Granted I am able to say this now, when it isn't extra early in the morning, and when the sun is shining through the window.  It's not always like that, I hear, in the early morning.

The only steps I can think to do to make this happen are to:
1. Go to bed a couple hours earlier.
2. Just suck it up and do it until sitting down to eat breakfast becomes as mandatory as brushing my teeth.

We shall see.

*Got me to thinking. The English language is so weird.


Kyle said...

Julie makes a pretty rocking baked oatmeal that can be taken on the go and some awesome granola bars that are 100x better that store bought.

Laura said...

Oo! Recipes, please :)

Kyle said...

I'll have her pass them along

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