Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Homemade matching pillows for our eclectic furniture. A picture story.

Pillow forms, because I am a beginner.

Some essential supplies.

Lots of pinning happened.  I should also mention that lots of rethreading and threading the bobbin happened.  Sewing would be a lot better if machines just did that on their own.

The first completed pillow!!

The back of the first completed pillow.  It's like an envelope. You can take the covers off and wash them as needed (or replace them during the holiday season with red and green pillow covers.  Or whatever).

All four are done!  I love our pink couch.

Stack of completed pillows.

Now people can nap how God intended.

This is the couch where the pillows are actually a must.


Julie said...

1. I LOVE picture stories!
2. I'm inspired to finish (read: start and finish) my pillow cover project.
3. What pattern did you use?
4. They look great!!

Laura said...

Thank you! I used the instructions of a youtube video on this one :)
For the front of the pillow: Cut fabric to one inch bigger than the size of your pillow form. (so my pillow forms were 18x18, so I cut squares that were 19x19).
For the back envelope part: Cut fabric to one inch bigger than your pillow form on one side, and four inches bigger on the other side (so I cut 19x23.....actually the next step is to cut the 23" in half, and since I use a coffee table scooted up to a couch for my surface, really I cut rectangles that were 19x11.5...two for each pillow)
Sewed a hem on each side of the back pieces....layed the pretty sides facing each other (well, with the brown, there wasn't a pretty side that I could tell) and pinned them together....and sewed all the way around it.
Trimmed the corners and flipped it inside out....and done!
(the youtube video of inspiration is in the blog below :)

Laura said...

If I were to do it again, I might make the envelope pieces a little wider so they overlap more.

Lauryn said...

Way to go, Laura. I've been toying with making my own couch pillows, and you've inspired me to go for it. Hope mine turn out as well as yours.

- Another newbie seamstress

Laura said...

You can do it!! :)

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