Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cutting Coops

For the past few Sundays, we've been buying a Sunday paper in order to try cutting coupons.  I haven't kept track of our savings, but I do know that while they are kind of meager, they already exceed the cost spent on the Sunday papers.  So that is a win.  Recently I found out that I can register my Giant Eagle Card online and "cut" some coupons on there (and when I swipe my card at the store, if I've purchased one of the items that I "cut" a coupon for, it will automatically deduct the savings!  I haven't gotten a chance to try that yet, because the internet is still down in our apartment....or should I say, it is down for my computer.  It works on Steve's computer (which is what I am using now).  Soon I will have to figure this out, so I don't have to keep using Steve's computer or going to coffeeshops to use their internet (um, hello.  This is a post about saving money, not spending it all on coffee and free internets).  Anyway.  So that is exciting.  I might actually go to a coffeeshop tomorrow and check it out.

Anyway, here is a list of things that I like about cutting coupons:
1. The grocery store will match any coupon under $1.00
2. It doesn't take that much time or energy at all
3. The only tools you need are a scissors and a little coupon carrying case (organizing them by month, so not only do you have a place to keep your coops, but you can also organize them so you don't miss when they expire).
4. You can apparently do it online (as mentioned above....I know that you can get coupons online and print them out....which I've tried.....but I'm not a huge fan because I still have to use my paper and my ink).
5. Just found out that our* church has a coupon (can't remember what it's called), so I can donate any coupons I'm not using and sift through and maybe find one that I can use and just take it!  The past few weeks I've just tossed the coupons I don't think we'll use.  This is much better.

What do you like about coupons?  What don't you like?  Or, do you even use coupons?


*oh man.  I hope we can call it "our" church.  Maybe another post on how the church hunt is going soon.

A bunch of coupons for church.  Since I'm currently  not making an income, this could be like a tithe or something? (though maybe it would be more accurate to ask how much I like cutting coupons I won't use when I'm up to my ears in homework).

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