Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A new city to love

Well, we've been here a week. What's that, you say? Yes, we've moved. And yes, I'm a terrible blogger. Most people are.
We moved back to Minnesota! We are thrilled, but also feeling a little culture-shocked, and a little bit like we're just visiting still. We haven't lived in Minnesota for seven years, and we haven't lived in small town Minnesota for even longer. We will adjust, but it will take some time (as any transition does).
Tonight we took a stroll up and down the Main Street of our new town (Steve lived here a long time ago, and I've never lived here, only yes, we can call it our new town). You can kind of see what it once was, but there is a lot missing. A lot of empty buildings. Seems like other places we've lived, eh?
Let's count the pros: there is a bakery, a Mexican restaurant, a pizza place, and a new coffee shop opening soon. And a really cool little food co-op.
There are a few more businesses I can't remember...and TWO optometrists. TWO.
Of course we can see all this potential, and start dreaming about what could be, and ways we can best love our new city. How can we support local businesses? How can we encourage new businesses? How can we spend our money wisely in our town, yet still value making things at home, from scratch.
Oh! I just remembered, a farmers market is also coming soon. So that is exciting.
Still lots to learn about this community and its needs. At one point I even wondered out loud what it would be like to plant a covenant church in one of the empty buildings on the Main Street.
Of course I walked around like a tourist snapping pictures of the cool old buildings (which will all be found at the end of this post, since I'm posting from my phone). Excited to see how we gradually make this place our home. Determined to take on the challenge of serving this community. What would it look like if we only shopped/spent our money locally? Who are the people, and what services do they need? 

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