Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I've been a blogger for a longer time than I've been a mother, so maybe some reader(s) of this blog assume that this blog will turn into another Mom Blog.
You know Mom Blogs, they're written by moms, and cover topics such as breast feeding, wholesome cooking, tips for organizing/cleaning your home, and my favorite: "our year trying _______," documenting a family's year of shopping locally/eating whole foods/not buying anything new/fill in the blank. 
I am thankful for Mom Blogs, however abundant they are. This is not a Mom Blog.
But Laura, you are a mom who breast feeds, likes to cook from scratch, makes soap, and already has a few blogs. This is just a natural next step, right?
No. I hope not. I really want to be the type of mom who doesn't have time to blog on a regular basis about How To Be A Mom, or The Benefits of Breastmilk, or Five Quick Meals to Make on a Budget. Plus, those topics are already covered in abundance. The world doesn't need another Mom Blog, thank you very much.
I will post from time to time still. Same old random stuff, but not regularly. Because I do like to make stuff and think thoughts, and I do like to reflect on them every once in awhile (Mom or not).
Anyway while I will never be the Mom with the cleanest house or the most high-fructose-corn-syrup-filled snacks (#sorrynotsorry, Lars's future friends), I do like the idea of being the type of Mom/person that makes things from scratch. This is getting to be long.
To wrap it up, I would rather be a mom who spends more than 24 hours making bread and NOT blogging a how-to that will get reposted to Pinterest, than being a Mom that finds a short-cut way to do things so she has time to blog about it.
For now.

Sorry/Not Sorry, dear Blog Reader(s)

Pictured: bread that I've been working on over the course 24+ hours. The main ingredients are Time and Waiting. I love the whole process.

And: enchilada hotdish (which I nicknamed Long Prairie Hotdish), made from scratch (the corn tortillas and the sauce). Was delish.
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