Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Getting rid of 4 pairs of shoes

So in 2008, I made up a huge list of resolutions to try to accomplish over the year.  Number 195 on the list says, "195. Get rid of two pairs of shoes for every new pair you buy."  In 2008, I was pretty good at this (especially since we were packing up or giving away all of our things before we left the country), and then sort of forgot about it (not that I've been on a shoe-buying spree in the last couple years or anything...and I did end up leaving a lot of shoes behind in Lithuania).  Anyway, it is highly uncommon for me to buy two pairs of shoes in one outing, so on the way out of the store the other day Steve said, "So now you have to get rid of 4 pairs of shoes."

Challenge accepted.

Here are 4 pairs of shoes I will not miss, that I will bring to Salvation Army soon:
These shoes were old when I designated them to be my "Eagle Ridge Shoes" in the summer of 2003.  I thought they would be perfect for tromping around in the forest and frequenting campfires.  At that point, they were so old, I didn't care if they got destroyed.  Anyway, somehow I still have them.  I tried to wear them for old time's sake, but they apparently have no traction whatsoever on the bottom.  Time to say goodbye.

These sandals I think I got when Steve and I were dating.  They probably cost more than all the other sandals I've ever owned put together.  They are still very comfortable, and provide my feet with lots of support.  However.  They smell bad.  I think beyond washing.  I am considering giving them to my sister's dog to eat, since he liked them so much last time I wore them.  That, or Salvation Army.

These are cute, but they hurt my feet so bad.  And I can't remember the last time I wore them, or the reason I got them, or for how long I've had them (probably as long as the first pair).

Ummmm.....not sure about these.  I don't know that I've ever worn them, and I can't remember where they came from. This leads me to believe that they were either a gift or a hand-me-down.  Sorry if they were from you, or your former favorite pair of shoes.  Steve thinks they look like grandma shoes.  Out they go!  To a better home.

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