Monday, August 8, 2011

Live from Starbucks

So...I was being lazy yesterday and didn't post anything.  I thought it would be justifiable because it could count toward a sabbath or something.  I would just have to post twice today or another day this week.

In addition to babysitting for friends this morning/afternoon, our internet is not working in our apartment.  So ample excuses for not posting twice today.  Steve and I needed time away from the apartment anyway, so we loaded up our computers, a book, a magazine, a sweatshirt, and headed to Starbucks for the coffee, free internets, hyper-airconditioning, and time to just get away.

I took some time to see if any of my professors posted a syllabus for my classes this Fall (so I can add to my amazon cart all the textbooks I will need).  Only 2 of the 4 syllabi are posted so far, and a few of the books that I will need I already have.  So that is a score.  I am not concerned about the time yet, because I just recently got Amazon student, which enables me to get free two-day shipping.  Also, the biggest news with regards to school is that I just found out that I was awarded a full-tuition scholarship again!  Very excited and feeling blessed and relieved.  Though, now I feel uber-responsible to not waste this education that was/will be clearly a gift from the Lord.  I can't just go out and become a bum, I will actually need to apply it.  (I should stress that I didn't really have any intentions of becoming a bum, but the Lord's providence is a good reminder that I need to be a good steward (stewardess?  Flight attendant.) of His gifts.  I am excited to see where God will take us/how He will use me with this seminary education.

What else is exciting.  I ordered a decaf double tall no whip white mocha, which is very good (no caffeine after 6pm for this girl).  Hopefully the internet situation will get figured out in our apartment.  Until then, you will have to settle for updates via coffee shops that have nothing to do with anything.

I still owe you a picture of the tiny hat/yarn cozy I crocheted earlier this summer.

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