Thursday, August 25, 2011

Top Three Things I Have Liked Online This Week

3. Great Depression Cooking
This is just wonderful and precious.  My brother shared a video of Clara's with me, and then I went and watched a few more. I love listening to her stories about what it was like to live through the great depression (puts our "boo-hoo, I can't afford netflix" recession woes to shame!).  I love how her recipes use mainly onions and potatoes.  I will certainly be watching more in the future (how wonderful for her family to have these videos of her!).
Here's the one that got me hooked:

2. Toronto Christmas Market
Ever since spending the two Christmases we were in Europe in beautiful Tallinn, Estonia, I have loved Christmas markets.  Though we were exceptionally blessed to be with family this past Christmas, I secretly wondered how we could try to make it to both Estonia and to our family (did not happen).  After visiting Toronto over Easter, we discovered that Toronto has a Christmas market, and it is only 5 hours north of us!  Score!  This year for Christmas, all I want for my present is to spend a couple days in Toronto at the Christmas market (in addition to seeing family).

1. This musical masterpiece.
I don't know why this 25 seconds of pure genius has resonated with me so much.  By the time I tried to show it to Steve I had already seen it a few times, but was in tears when it was over.  Enjoy.

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