Monday, February 25, 2013

Lent Project - February 25

Monday, February 25

Questions/Thoughts: What are the great things that the Lord had done according to the Psalm? Why wouldn’t the Lord travel with the people? What was their reaction to this? Can people do anything in order to be made right before God? What does circumcision have to do with anything?

O Lord, who hast mercy upon all,
take away from me my sins,
and mercifully kindle in me
the fire of thy Holy Spirit.
Take away from me the heart of stone,
and give me a heart of flesh,
a heart to love and adore Thee,
a heart to delight in Thee,
to follow and enjoy Thee, for Christ's sake. 
St. Ambrose of Milan (AD 339-397)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lent Project - February 24

Sunday, February 24
Second Sunday in Lent

Questions/Thoughts: Though Abram still did not have a son of his own, the Lord promised him countless descendants. Abram was counted righteous because of his faith. Even though it seemed impossible, he believed what the Lord told him. How is this encouraging to you? How have you seen the Lord work in your own life, even when things seemed impossible? What does it look like to be brave and courageous as you wait for the Lord? What is some of the imagery in these passages regarding God’s protection?

Hope beyond all human hope,
you promised descendants as numerous as the stars
to old Abraham and barren Sarah.
You promise light and salvation
in the midst of darkness and despair,
and promise redemption to a world that will not listen.
Gather us to yourself in tenderness,
open our ears to listen to your word,
and teach us to live faithfully
as people confident of the fulfillment of your promises.
We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

One more brief break

Hello again. I know I should spread these breaks out a bit, but I'm sitting here now. Want to get these done while the baby sleeps.

I made some coffee soap again last weekend! The last time I made it (nearly a year and a half ago), I stuck to the recipe and added the coffee grounds and walnuts to the mix. Well, it turned out to be TOO MUCH FOR MY PRINCESS SKIN to have all of those exfoliants in one bar of soap. It feels nice if you're washing the bottom of your feet, but not as an everyday soap (my opinion).

So this time around I left out the walnuts, and only added the coffee grounds to the top (so that each bar has a little exfoliation option). We will find out in another month if they are any good, and if my idea to put the coffee grounds on top was a good one. Until then, they look pretty enough to eat! But that would be gross. Don't eat soap. Unless you have a potty mouth.

lovely brick of soap, about to be cut into bars. coffee grounds swirled about on top.

pretty little bars all in a row

it was a big batch of soap

In other news, it would appear (based only on the words in the links, I didn't click on them to double check) that there are some questionable sites that are sending people to this blog. Sorry (not sorry) people. You won't find porn here. Although, I it better to be looking for porn and stumble across some Lent verses, or to be looking for Lent verses and accidentally find some porn? Gross.

A quick break for a Pinterest win

Oh hey.

Just a brief break from your daily Lenten verses to talk about what Steve and I ate for lunch today. Hey. I gave up Instagram (among other things) for Lent, I need an outlet for posting pictures of my lunch.

I found the idea on the bottom of a Pinterest post, and immediately ran to the store for ingredients (ok, I was on my way to the store anyway, when I stumbled upon this idea). It was at the bottom of a post about how to make your own sprouts: a BLT wrap with sprouts and cream cheese and avocado added. Perhaps you may remember when I was pregnant I ate at least two BLTs with avocado a week for awhile there.

Anyway, we made them our own and they were SO GOOD.

Multi-grain Wrap
Onion and Chive Cream Cheese
Sprinkle of pepper

We opted not to tuck in the sides.


Lent Project - February 23

Saturday, February 23

Questions/Thoughts: What roll does fear play in your life? Why should we not be afraid?  What things in your life can you praise God for? What do you think it means to “bless the one who comes in the name of the Lord?”

Artist of souls,
you sculpted a people for yourself
out of the rocks of wilderness and fasting.
Help us as we take up your invitation to prayer and simplicity,
that the discipline of these forty days
may sharpen our hunger for the feast of your holy friendship,
and whet our thirst for the living water you offer
through Jesus Christ. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Lent Project - February 22

Friday, February 22

Questions/Thoughts: List characteristics of God as you find them in these passages. Have you experienced these characteristics? How? What does it look like to be a citizen  of Heaven?

May our hearts be burning with more fervent love for you;
may our eyes be ever turning to behold your cross anew;
till in glory, parted never from the blessed Savior’s side,
graven in our hearts forever, dwell the cross, Crucified.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lent Project - February 21

Thursday, February 21

Questions/Thoughts: What can we learn about prayer from the Psalm? What can we learn about waiting patiently for the Lord? What do you think was going through Abram’s mind when the Lord was telling him of the land and descendants the Lord would give him? What are some things that you once thought were valuable, but are actually worthless when compared to know Christ Jesus? How are we made right with God?

As you did hunger and did thirst,
so teach us, gracious Lord, to die to self,
and so to live by your most holy Word.

And through these days of penitence,
and through your Passiontide,
for evermore, in life and death,
O Lord, with us abide.

Abide with us and through this life our doubts and pain relieve.
An Easter of unending joy we shall at last receive.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lent Project - February 20

Wednesday, February 20

Questions/Thoughts: Why do you think that Job was not sinning when he blamed God? In what ways is Satan limited in what he can do? Why is it important to be alert at all times? What is the significance or importance of prayer in each of the three passages?

God of deliverance and freedom,
you taught the people of Israel
to acknowledge that all things
come from your bountiful hand.
Deepen our faith
so that we may resist temptation
and, in the midst of trial,
proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord,
now and for ever. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lent Project - February 19

Tuesday, February 19

Questions/Thoughts: What are characteristics of sin, in these passages? What hope can you find, in each of these passages?

God of the covenant,
in the glory of the cross
your Son embraced the power of death
and broke its hold over your people.
In this time of repentance,
draw all people to yourself,
that we who confess Jesus as Lord
may put aside the deeds of death
and accept the life of your kingdom. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lent Project - February 18

Monday, February 18

Questions/Thoughts: What kind of relationship does David have with God? Why do you think God was displeased with David taking a census? How does David own up to his sin? How is our sin atoned for? What does it look like to live your life as Jesus did?

and did the vict’ry win, 
oh, give us strength in you to fight,
in you to conquer sin.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The First Sunday in Lent

Sunday, February 17
First Sunday in Lent

Questions/Thoughts: What is significant about giving to God the first of the harvest? What stands out about the way God rescued the Israelites from Egypt? What stands out about the way God rescues His people in the Romans passage? How does Jesus respond to the devil’s temptations?

Lord, who throughout these forty days, for us did fast and pray,
teach us to overcome our sins, and close by you to stay.

Worth the five minutes. Watch and listen:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lent Project - February 16

Saturday, February 16

Questions/Thoughts: After reading from Psalm 91 these past couple days, what stands out to you in it today? How does the reading from Ecclesiastes enhance the reading from John? What are characteristics of dark and light in general that help you to understand what Jesus says about becoming children of light?

fountain in life’s desert dreary, Savior from the world above:
often have your eyes, offended, gazed upon the sinner’s fall!
Yet, upon the cross extended, you have borne the pain of all.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Lent Project - February 15

Friday, February 15

Questions/Thoughts: What can learn about leadership from the account of Moses? What is encouraging about today’s readings?

Christ Jesus,
In our wilderness, you are our bread, our drink, our light.
Your death and rising set things aright.
Your presence puts our fears to flight.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lent - Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 14, Valentine’s Day

Scripture: Psalm 91:1-2, 9-16, Exodus 5:10-23, Acts 7:30-34

Questions/Thoughts: What does it look like to make the Lord your refuge? Why do you think it looks like the Lord sometimes waits to come to the rescue of his people?

Almighty and most merciful God, we remember before you all poor and neglected persons whom it would be easy for us to forget: the homeless and the destitute, the old and the sick, and all those who have none to care for them. Help us to heal those who are broken in body or spirit, and to turn their sorrow into joy. Grant this, Father, for the love of your Son, who for our sake became poor, Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday

Wednesday, February 13, Ash Wednesday

Questions/Thoughts: What kind of fasting does the Lord want? What does Paul list as his hardships? How does he live regardless? Why does the condition of our hearts matter in fasting? In our service to the Lord? In our prayer life? In our repentance?

O God, you delight not in pomp and show,
but in a humble and contrite heart.
Overturn our love of worldly possessions
and fix our hearts more firmly on you,
that, having nothing,
we may yet possess everything,
a treasure stored up for us in heaven. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, Pancake Day, Mardi Gras, etc

Tuesday, February 12, Shrove Tuesday, etc
The day before Lent begins is celebrated around the world, and known by a variety of names (Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, Pancake Day, Mardi Gras, etc). Traditionally, food that you normally wouldn’t eat during Lent is eaten on this day, and there are different festivities that happen depending on where you are in the world.

Questions/Thoughts: What stands out to you in the Psalmist’s prayer today? How is the glory of God described in Ezekiel’s vision? If you are into drawing (or even if you aren’t), perhaps it would be a fun exercise to try to draw what Ezekiel describes. How was Peter stretched beyond what was comfortable for him in his visit with Cornelius? How might you be stretched over this Lenten season? How were Ezekiel’s and Cornelius’s visions similar?

Holy God, mighty and immortal,
you are beyond our knowing,
yet we see your glory in the face of Jesus Christ,
whose compassion illumines the world.
Transform us into the likeness of the love of Christ,
who renewed our humanity so that we may share in his divinity,
the same Jesus Christ, our Lord,
who live and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday, Monday.

Monday, February 11

Questions/Thoughts: How does the Psalmist deal with those who are against him? What is the Psalmist’s prayer? What are some gifts that the Lord has given you that you can use for Him? For what do you think the Lord was preparing Peter? What do you think the dream was about?

You revealed your glory and presence
in your beloved Son, Jesus the Christ.
In receiving our prayers,
reveal the glory and presence of your Spirit
alive in the world today,
free us from all doubts,
and empower us to act as a transfigured people. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Transfiguration Sunday

Transfiguration Sunday is the last Sunday in the season of Epiphany, and focuses on the transfiguration of Jesus (go figure!). 

February 10 - Transfiguration Sunday

Questions/Thoughts: How was the transfiguration of Jesus transformative for the disciples? How is it transformative for us? What do we learn about the glory of God in these passages? What are ways that the Lord has spoken to His people in the past? How does He speak to us now?

Eternal God,
you revealed to the disciples
the everlasting glory of Jesus Christ.
Grant us, who have not seen and yet believe,
the gift of your Holy Spirit,
that we may boldly live the gospel
and shine with your transforming glory,
as people changed and changing
through the redeeming presence of our Savior. 
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