Thursday, September 1, 2011

Relearning a language you never knew is hard.

You know how, when someone whose third language is English is returning to their international school, and they say they've "lost" some of their English over the summer, or they're starting to get English headaches after the first couple days back? And you think, wow, they must be super smart to be studying in a language that isn't their first. They must really think highly of that school if they would go there despite it not being taught in their first language.
Or, you know how, when a seminarian is going back to class after the summer, and worries that they've forgotten all of their Greek or Hebrew. You think, well, Greek and Hebrew are tough, so I can understand not remembering it all...but I'm sure it will come back to you faster than it did the first time around.
These are the illustrations and responses I want people to keep in mind when I say that I'm worried I forgot all of my "Anglican language" over the summer.  Here's to another September where I don't know what page we're on in the Prayer Book.

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