Saturday, September 10, 2011

Markings, Part 9

Intro to Markings

41. You can only hope to find a lasting solution to a conflict if you have learned to see the other objectively, but, at the same time, to experience his difficulties subjectively. (114)

42. All first-hand experience is valuable, and he who has given up looking for it will one day find -- that he lacks what he needs: a closed mind is a weakness, and he who approaches persons or painting or poetry without the youthful ambition to learn a new language and so gain access to someone else's perspective on life, let him beware. (114)

43. Diplomatic "finesse" must never be another word for fear of being unpopular: that is to seek the appearance of influence at the cost of its reality. (114)

44. Really, nothing was easier than to step from one rope ladder to the other -- over the chasm. But, in your dream, you failed, because the thought occurred to you that you might possibly fall. (116)

45. The everlastingness of things -- an ironic commentary upon your claims to ownership. (117)

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