Sunday, September 18, 2011

Markings, Part 17

More of this.

81. Not knowing the question,
It was easy for him
To give the answer. (190)

82. Because it never found a mate,
Men called
The unicorn abnormal. (193)

83. Easter, 1960 Forgiveness breaks the chain of causality because he who "forgives" you -- out of love -- takes upon himself the consequences of what you have done. Forgiveness, therefore, always entails a sacrifice.
The price you must pay for your own liberation through another's sacrifice is that you in turn must be willing to liberate in the same way, irrespective of the consequences to yourself. (197)

84. The tension increased.
In the noonday heat
Their wills began to waver.

Night flared.
The jungle wailed in the fierce grip of the storm.

They paid
The full price of love
That others might enjoy a victory.

Morning mist,
Chirping of early birds.
Who recalled the night's sacrifice?
December 2, 1960 (200)

85. The road,
You shall follow it.

The fun, 
You shall forget it.

The cup,
You shall empty it.

The pain,
You shall conceal it.

The truth,
You shall be told it.

The end, 
You shall endure it.*
December 3, 1960 (201)

*The only rhymed poem Dag wrote. The translator was unable to make it rhyme, so here is the original (it's in Swedish, in case your reader automatically translates it for mine often does):

du skall följa den.

du skall glömma den.

du skall tömma den.

du skall dölja den.

du skall lära det.

du skall bära det.

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