Thursday, September 15, 2011

Markings, Part 14 (I know, right?)

Vad är detta?
66. Another opportunity was given you -- as a favor and as a burden. The question is not: why did it happen this way, or where is it going to lead you, or what is the price you will have to pay. It is simply: how are you making use of it. And about that there is only one who can judge. (158)

67. Did you choose your words carefully enough, what impression did you make, did they think you were trying to be ingratiating, etc.? It is questions like these which keep you awake. Are you no longer confident that your instinctive reactions will guide you right? If so, you know why. You have allowed your hunger for "justice" to make you self-conscious, so that, in the performance of your task, you no longer forget yourself. So, and only so, can you be wounded by the opinions of the crowd. (160)

68. The madman shouted in the market place. No one stopped to answer him. Thus it was confirmed that his thesis was incontrovertible. (161)

69. That piece of pagan anthropomorphism: the belief that, in order to educate us, God wishes us to suffer. How far from this is the assent to suffering when it strikes us because we have obeyed what we have seen to be God's will. (164)

70. The pure, simple self at the hour of waking -- and the first thing it sees -- its grotesque image in the distorting mirror of yesterday. (164)

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