Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Markings, Part 6 (told you there were a lot...and this is only a sample!)

What are these Markings?

26. April 7, 1953 "Their lives grounded in and sustained by God, they are incapable of any kind of pride; because they give back to God all the benefits He has bestowed on them, they do not glorify each other, but do all things to the Glory of God alone." (Thomas Aquinas) (91)

27. In your attempt to break down the boundaries of a personality, you are building a new prison for yourself. (92)

28. If only I may grow: firmer, simpler -- quieter, warmer. (93)

29. The pride of the cup is in the drink, its humility in the serving. What, then, do its defects matter? (95)

30. With all the powers of your body concentrated in the hand on the tiller,
All the powers of your mind concentrated on the goal beyond the horizon,
You laugh as the salt spray catches your face in the second of rest
Before a new wave --
Sharing the happy freedom of the moment with those who share your responsibility.
So -- in the self-forgetfulness of concentrated attention -- the door opens for you into a pure living intimacy,
A share, timeless happiness,
Conveyed by a smile,
A wave of the hand.

Thanks to those who have taught me this. Thanks to the days which have taught me this.

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