Tuesday, May 1, 2012


In order to have a little structure in my life, I decided to participate in this little photo a day project I discovered via the Twitters. You've seen these before. Basically you make one photo a day based on whatever that day's topic is, and you post it somewhere. You can be as creative or obvious as you want.
Here is the list of ideas for each day (in case you don't trust my links):

1. peace
2. skyline
3. something you wore today
4. fun!
5. bird
6. you
7. someone that inspires you
8. a smell you adore
9. something you do everyday
10. a favourite word
11. kitchen
12. something that makes you happy
13. mum
14. grass
15. love
16. what you're reading
17. snack
18. something you made
19. a favourite place
20. something you can't live without
21. where you stand
22. pink
23. technology
24. something new
25. unusual
26. 12 o'clock
27. something sweet
28. the weather today
29. a number
30. your personality
31. something beautiful

So today's picture is titled Peace. I started this project late, so after some looking around our apartment I decided to take a picture of some old palm leaves left from Palm Sunday. According to ole trusty wikipedia, which I looked up after I took the picture, we see that Jesus riding in on the donkey symbolizes His arrival in peace. Perfect. In Luke, Jesus weeps because the people still haven't figured out the way to peace.

So anyway, here is a picture of the dried up palm leaves that we still haven't done anything with. One picture with a flash (my least favorite kind of picture), and then one without the flash. In low lighting. I was very antsy. I like this picture best of the two.


Peace in chaos.

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