Sunday, May 20, 2012

Investigation station

Well. It would appear that even with the structure of having a possible photo each day, I am unable to blog on a regular basis. I have stuck it out longer than some, but I am dwindling fast.

Recently I have been challenged to rethink my Enneagram number. You may remember that I have been spending some time thinking that I was a 4 with a 5 wing. Well this may not seem like a big change to you, but I am just now starting to chew over the fact that I may actually be a 5 with a 4 wing.

Identity crisis. But should I really be shocked if my top four strengths are learner, futuristic, input, and intellection?

I still need to spend some time thinking about this (obvs I spent quite a while thinking about being a 4 as well).

Here are some things that I read on the Enneagram website:

On Fives mistaking themselves for Fours (makes me feel comforted to know that it is common):

"Fours and Fives can resemble each other in that both are withdrawn types, both can be individualistic and eccentric by mainstream cultural standards, and both can be highly creative. Of course, there is a greater risk of mistyping with 4w5s and 5w4s.

Fives are more likely to mistype as Fours than vice versa, primarily because of simplistic definitions of the types. Some Fives have learned that Fours are more feeling-oriented, and Fives are more intellectual, and seeing that they have deep feelings presume that they must be Fours. (This is especially true with female Fives.) Also, Fives are often portrayed as scientists or engineers while Fours are creative artists. In fact, it is true that Fours are less likely to be scientists than some other types, but there are as many Fives who are artists as Fours, although their styles are somewhat different." 

(I bolded the part that made me not want to be a five at first. I always pictured fives to be robots, and I am definitely not a robot. But I was apparently being too simplistic).

And, the part in the description of a relationship between a Five and Two (Steve being a Two), that made us both laugh (and there is always a bit of truth in things that make you laugh):

"Twos bring...a desire to improve the Five's living conditions, style of dress and eating habits—and many other marks of thoughtfulness-as signs of affection and genuine interest. Fives are usually not unaware of these, though they may not outwardly react to the expressions of affection of Twos, Fives are secretly pleased that anyone cares and is being attentive to them."

Oh, self-awareness.

Here is a recent picture, that I did not make, obviously because I have been too busy getting a Masters degree.
Type 5?

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