Monday, May 7, 2012

A break from photo a day, and a list.

Yesterday the internet was down, so no blog post with a picture corresponding with the word "you." We did try to take a picture of me, but then the camera's battery died. So we decided that technology needs to take a Sabbath, too. So perhaps a skyline picture and a picture of me will show up some other day.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit the list I made of things to do before graduation. This morning was commencement practice, and family arrives on Thursday, so time is ticking!

1. Get a haircut.  Done! Perhaps you will see it if I ever get around to posting a picture of myself.

2. Clean out the fridge. I did some of it. Steve is a champ and did the rest that I was unable to stomach.

3. Clean up the guest room, to make it nice for graduation guests. Still looks like Monica's secret closet.

4. Get more stars on Angry Birds, my latest addiction. I am both lame and awesome, because I have gotten all possible stars on Facebook's Angry Birds. Probably why #3 on the list hasn't been touched.

5. Utilize my free rental from Family Video. Rented 50/50. Gave 140 character review here. Not sure if I cried because it was actually sad, or if because my tear ducts are working at lower capacity these days. 

6. Read these two books for fun (Steve just got them...early graduation gift!). Started reading The Next Evangelical. Like it. But needed a break, so started rereading The Chronicles of Narnia. Just finished the very lovely Magician's Nephew and am halfway through the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. It's been a few years since I've read these. Love them. Harry Potter is getting a reread-through next.


7. Make my own deodorant. Done and done. And I'm pretty satisfied with how it works, too!

8. Make up an itinerary for graduation visitors.  Just sent it to them. I hope they like going to big old churches.

9. Send a couple of care packages that I've been meaning to send. Yep and yep.

10. Mail/Give out some graduation invitations. Shoot. I have sucked at this. Consider yourself invited. Seating is not restricted.

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