Thursday, May 24, 2012

Make Soap Outside

Well I did it. I made soap outside.

After being as careful as possible in every way, I still ended up locking myself and the lye out of the apartment (grabbed my driver's license instead of my ID card....I would blame it on pregnancy brain (which does exist), but this isn't my first time locking myself out. It is however my first time locking myself outside with a pitcher of hazardous material and wearing (in addition to my regular clothes) goggles, a bandana over my mouth and nose, an apron, and rubber gloves. I hope the neighbors were watching.

Anyway, I did remember to keep my phone in my pocket, so I called Steve who was thankfully able to eventually come and rescue me.

Aside from locking myself out, I think the soap turned out pretty good! It was a new recipe that I cooked up, including an ingredient that I hadn't used in soap before: beeswax (which I had left over from making my own deodorant).

Simple bars of soap. I think at least one of these will probably eventually be made into laundry detergent..

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