Sunday, August 8, 2010

Check my list twice

Time to look at my New Year's Resolution List again.

1. Relearn the guitar.
I have not started this yet.  I don't know what's keeping me.  I have internet access, a guitar, and time.  I guess motivation is a factor.  I need that.
2. Take a full load of classes in the Fall.
I am well on the road for that!  I was accepted to this school, which is in my county, and I am registered for a full load of classes there!
3. Take on a grown-up's schedule and routine (waking up and going to bed at a decent hour, doing dishes and laundry on a regular basis, eating meals at consistent times, etc).
If anything, I've gotten worse at this.  My sleep schedule is all out of sorts.  And I am well beyond the time frame where I can blame it on jet lag.  I think it will get better once school starts, and I am forced to wake up super early for classes.  In other news though, my laundry and dishes, for intents and purposes, are done.
4. Find a job that doesn't require a "work email" or checking it often.
Yes!  Done, done, and done!  I will be working close by at the coffee shop.  The emails are few and far between.  I am super excited.
5. Blog whenever I feel like it, about whatever I want, with no patterns or self-imposed rules and guidelines.
As the summer comes to a close, and I have internet access, this is becoming more and more possible, as you may or may not have noticed over the past few days.
6. Read my Bible as often as I brush my teeth.
I need to work on this.  I brush my teeth a lot.  I need to read my Bible more.  I know I want to.
7. Sing more. Laugh more. Be myself more.
I've been able to do this more!  Praise the Lord!
8. Grow my hair long
I am trying to.  A couple of weeks ago, I went to get my hair trimmed for the first time in months, and she cut off a little more than I would've liked (not that my hair isn't cute, just a little shorter than someone who is growing their hair long should have).  Luckily there is still a bit of 2010 left.
9. Print and frame and hang some pictures
We are in our apartment now.  We are 99% unpacked and settled.  The 1% that is left is this resolution.  I don't know why this one is taking so long.  Probably for the same reasons as 1 and 6.
10. Give away things I never use 
We did this in Lithuania before we left, and also here when we were unpacking everything.  I feel like we could do it again soon.  Where on earth did we acquire so much stuff?  And why?

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