Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The usual, I think, for this time of year.

My new textbooks are here!  I am excited, slightly overwhelmed, tired just thinking about it, excited, anxious, etc.  I love to learn, and I ordered these bad boys just over 10 days ago, so I was starting to get a tad impatient (but can't complain when you choose the free shipping option).  I'm glad they are here.  And I'm glad to start classes in a week (need to read some pages ahead of time...and orientation starts tomorrow! Ah).

Anyway, as usual for me, the intro isn't really what the whole post is about, but usually what started my train of thought.  So that's why I started with it.

As I look through my past with Facebook (and other online social media whatevers), there are many times when I just need to take a break.  Sometimes the breaks are mandated by myself, and other times the breaks are mandated by my location and lack of internets.  Most of the time these facebook breaks are either around the start of the school year, summer, or lent.  Ah, you say, that's why she started out with the textbooks.  It is the start of the school year and she is feeling like things are about to get busy.

Yes.  That is part of it.  But the other part is also that I have been thinking a lot lately about status updates, and now, recently, twitter updates, and how I want to use them.  Do I really want to just do a boring play-by-play of my life, or do I want to be more thoughtful?  Either way, I waste a lot of time, not only updating my status/twitter, but also and moreso with reading other people's statuses and twitterings.  Disclaimer:  it is not a waste of time to keep in touch with people.  It IS a waste of time to know what someone you went to kindergarten with ate for lunch.  Most of the time, anyway.  Especially when you have a box of books to read, and a new job to figure out.  So anyway, when the books arrived today, I was tempted to update my status, letting the world know about my books arriving.  But I decided against it. 

The people that were around when I picked up the books know that I got them.  And those that are truly interested will ask.  And for everyone else, it is just one more thing that they are spending too much time reading, when there are so many more meaningful things to do.

So anyway.  I am taking a September break from facebook.  I will check it from time to time, in case there is anyone who needs to communicate to me, or in case there is someone I need to communicate with....and have no other means to outside of the facebook world.  I don't want to downplay the importance of fb, I like it.  I like that I can see what people are up to and so easily drop them a note or a comment.  But so often, I am prone to use it for wasting time.

So.  What does that mean for blogging?  Not much.  I will probably blog when I can.  I have a lot of thoughts these days, and especially now with all these books to read.

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