Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March evaluation of 2011. (Or, a practice in procrastination)

Seems like the new year has barely started, but since it is March (already), let's see how the old resolutions are going.

1. Learn to sew well.
I started out strong with this one, and it has kind of tapered off lately.  I would like to make it a priority again.  Perhaps a related goal should be to get out the sewing machine once a week, at least for starters?
2. Take frugality to new, creative levels.
Well, we've eaten at school a lot this semester, so there's that.  Someday soon I think that I will make out an actual budget, so we can track our frugality.  Plus I just like making spreadsheets.
3. Make one new photo a week.
Ah...see the pink writing for resolution 1.  On my way to school, the road I drive along is parallel to both railroad tracks and a river, so I make many, many mental pictures on a pretty regular basis.  Still trying to think of a way to make some real photos of the trains by the river that is: 1. safe, 2. legal, 3. free.
4. Travel to a country I've never visited.
Just the other day we left Beaver County for the first time embarrassingly long time. Will need to work on this.  Need to start planning and saving now.
5. Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy (or should this be number 4?).
For the most part, have been making this work.  If I must do homework on a Sunday, it has been lighter homework. (but that has not been a frequent habit).  I would highly recommend trying to take a Sabbath.  Jesus knows what he's talking about.
6. Regularly attend a Bible study.
Yes.  It is wonderful.
7. Expand our family.
Nothing to report here.
8. Sell something I make.
See the pink writing for #1 and #3.
9. Accomplish at least 2 of the unbolded goals for 2008, particularly the ones that refer to the fact that I once again live in Pennsylvania.
See #4.
10. Visit the capital of the country on my passport.
See #4 and #9.
11. Exercise more.


Lauryn said...

Remember, the year is only 17% over. You can do it!

We've found that using only cash for all of our groceries, clothing, and eating out/entertainment expenses helps us to stay frugal and within budget. When the envelope's empty, no more spending. (We've found there's actually freedom in that, too, never having to worry whether you have budget left.) You could try that. It's rather creative. :)

Laura said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Lauryn! Not sure how I missed this comment. We almost never use cash, so it is definitely something to consider. :)

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