Monday, January 7, 2013

Resources Used for Advent-Epiphany Project

Online resources:
Where the non-hymn-lyric prayers came from: 
Where the daily Scripture passages came from:
Many translations of the Bible can be read here:

Main Books Used for this project:
The Circle of Seasons: Meeting God in the Church Year, Kimberlee Conway Ireton, IVP Books, Downers Grove, IL; 2008
The Covenant Hymnal: A Worship Book, Covenant Publications, Chicago, IL; 1996
The Holy Bible, English Standard Version
The Holy Bible, New Living Translation
Living the Christian Year: Time to Inhabit the Story of God, Bobby Gross, IVP Books, Downers Grove, IL; 2009
A Meal with Jesus: Discovering Grace, Community, and Mission Around the Table, Tim Chester, Crossway, Wheaton, IL; 2011

More Helpful Books:
Ancient-Future Time: Forming Spirituality through the Christian Year, Robert E. Webber, Baker Books, Ada, MI; 2004
Feasting on the Word: Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary, Year C, Volume 1: Advent Through Transfiguration, David L. Bartlett and Barbara Brown Taylor, Editors, Westminster John Knox Press, Louisville, KY; 2009 
The Liturgical Year: The Spiraling Adventure of the Spiritual Year, Joan Chittister, Thomas Nelson (publisher), Nashville, TN; 2009
The Origins of Feasts, Fasts, and Seasons in Early Christianity, Paul F. Bradshaw and Maxwell E. Johnson, Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN; 2011
The Origins of the Liturgical Year, Thomas J. Talley, Pueblo Publishing Company, New York, NY; 1986
Revised Common Lectionary Prayers: Proposed by the Consultation on Common Texts, Fortress Press, Minneapolis, MN; 2002
Times and Seasons: Creating Transformative Worship Throughout the Year, Richard Giles, Church Publishing Incorporated, New York, NY; 2008

Hymns Quoted (all from The Covenant Hymnal, but I’m sure you could also Google them):
How Great Thou Art, Boberg, 8 
God, My God, in Heaven Above, Johnson, 73
God of Our Life, Kerr, 77
O How Shall I Receive You, Gerhardt,123
O Promised One of Israel, Huber, 124
Lift Up Your Heads, O Mighty Gates, Winkworth,126
Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus, Wesley,135
Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers!, Findlater, 136
Song of Zechariah, Quinn, 142
O Little Town of Bethlehem, Brooks, 154
Away in a Manger, McFarland, 164
As with Gladness Men of Old, Dix, 192
For Your Gift of God the Spirit, Clarkson, 279
Teach Me Your Way, O Lord, Ramsey, 420
Renew Your Church, Cober, 605
Another Year is Dawning, Havergal, 644
O God Your Hand Has Brought Us, Goadby, 650
Thanks to God for My Redeemer, Backstrom, 657

Liturgical Calendar, 2012-2013, Year C

First Sunday of Advent: December 2
Christmas: December 25-January 5
Epiphany: January 6
Number of Sundays in Epiphany/Ordinary Time: 5
Presentation Of Jesus/Candlemas: February 2
Ash Wednesday: February 13
Lent: February 13-March 31
Palm Sunday: March 24
Maundy Thursday: March 28
Good Friday: March 29
Easter Sunday: March 31
Easter: March 31-May 18
Pentecost Sunday: May 19
Ordinary time: May 26-November 30
Trinity Sunday: May 26
Christ the King: November 24


Megan Edmister said...

Thanks for sharing this Laura! No pressure, but I think you should post this again for advent-Christmas for the 2013-2014 season! Just know-one women's opinion and all that...

Laura said...

Thanks Megan....I'm considering it...was fun to put together :)

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