Thursday, January 10, 2013

New year's rezzies from 2008

Back on my old blog, I was a little more ambitious about my new year's resolutions. Let's see if I've accomplished any of them since 2008. I will write my current thoughts in a different color.

1. Go to Boston
STILL have not been to Boston. In the Fall, or ever.

2. Get new glasses

Just the other day, I got my second pair of glasses since writing this list.

3. Visit a dentist
In December I visited the dentist for the second time since writing this list.

4. Apply for seminary

Applied, attended, and finished! Wahoo!

5. Go to Washington DC

Still haven't. Lame.

6. Write a children’s book

Need to revisit this.

7. Buy a Digital SLR Camera

Done and done. Need to find time to use it more, now that I have a baby and an iPhone.

8. Give all the clothes you don’t wear anymore to Salvation Army

Done several times. Have some boxes that need to be delivered as I type this.

9. Go to Niagara Falls


10. Illustrate the children’s book you plan to write

See #6

11. Save a little bit of money each week

The bank does this for us.

12. Write a letter or note to someone and send it in the mail once a week

FAIL, but really should change that, since I would like my mom to have a job for at least a couple more years. We sent birth announcements out via the mail, so we have that going for us.

13. Go Colonial Williamsburg

Not yet.

14. Call your Mom once a week

I hate talking on the phone, and my mom doesn't have the internet. So we don't skype as often. But we do text almost daily.

15. Enter a photography contest

Didn't. Don't really feel the need to do this anymore.

16. Go one day without lip balm
Yeah, right.

17. Go to a Boston Red Sox Game
Still on the bucket list.

18. Learn something about each presidential candidate
I did, for two elections since writing this list. I still don't affiliate myself with a political party. Though I find myself leaning a certain way these days. Trying to keep that to myself though. If voting was meant to be a public thing, they wouldn't have us cast our ballots behind a curtain. I heard someone say that.

19. Get promoted
To motherhood! Love it.

20. Go for a walk three times a week
Though I haven't gone for three walks this week, I can probably say with confidence that I've averaged three walks a week since writing this list.

21. Go to The Poconos
Not yet.

22. Organize your recipes
Sort of.

23. See the Statue of Liberty
Not yet.

24. Go to New Hampshire
Not yet.

25. Grow your hair ridiculously long
I have, at least twice. And cut it really short twice too. I tend to do this. I never maintain a haircut.

26. Call a friend once a week

27. Go to Vermont

28. Shave a little bit of your legs with every shower
I have. This is just so routine now, it is as important as shampooing.

29. Dress up for church
Sometimes. We don't really go to that kind of church.

30. Learn more about investing
Nope, unfortunately.

31. Go to Connecticut

32. Be able to do one pull-up/chin-up
Though I haven't tried, I'm guessing that I can't.

33. Get an I-pod
Got an iPhone, which is better. Steve has an iPod.

34. Get more dress clothes
I did. I could maybe use more. Though in my current profession it isn't required.

35. Go to Maryland
Nope. Got pretty close though.

36. Learn some new words in another language

37. Learn some new English words
Probably did.

38. Put some towels away for later
They are still put away, thankyouverymuch

39. Go to Delaware

40. Clean the oven
I'm sure I've cleaned a few ovens since writing this list

41. Go camping in a tent
I think I did, can't remember.

42. Cook a meal over a campfire

43. Go to New Jersey

44. Eat more fruits
Yes, thank you blender, and now Vitamix!

45. Develop a taste for berries
Yes, thank you blender, and now Vitamix! Actually not quite there on all berries. But getting better.

46. Leave the continent
Yep. Europe.

47. Invent a new recipe

48-97. Read 50 books you’ve never read before
Having gone to seminary, I'm sure I've easily done this.

98-122. Reread 25 books you have read before
Probably have, I do like me a good reread.

123. Reread the Bible (this will be counted separately from the 25 other books).

124. Go to North Dakota
NOPE. How ridic.

125. Drink at least 3 glasses of water a day

126-177. Take 52 interesting photos
I'm sure I have.

178. Encounter some Rough Giraffes
Yep, though rough giraffes probably means something different now than it did when I wrote this list.

179. Go to Canada
Yes, though I would like to visit it some more. Loved Toronto, would like to see Montreal and Vancouver and Winnipeg, to name a few.

180. Try fish again (you don’t have to like it)
Try it every summer at the cabin. Still prefer to eat other things.

181. Plant a tree
Someday, someday.

182. Floss daily

183. Finish a Friday crossword
I think I did?

184. Plant some flowers
I don't think I did.

185. Watch 24

186. Print photos and put them in an album
We did, for my mom.

187. Move out of Western Pennsylvania
We did....and then moved back.

188. Paint a picture
Not as many as I would've liked.

189. Finish off the lotion you have before buying more
Still working on that.

190. Go on a date weekly
Not recently, with the babe and all.

191. Watch The Office
Haven't. Might not.

192. Send Christmas cards
Some years, yes.

193. Write to your Compassion Child once a month
He turned 18 a while back.

194. Pray for him daily
I wish I would've been better at this. I wish I prayed more.

195. Get rid of two pairs of shoes for every new pair you buy
I did do this for awhile. Was a good practice.

196. Find a Bible study outside of Western Pennsylvania
I did, and then when we moved back, I found three more (though I've scaled back to just one again....might add another this semester).

197. Devise a list of verses to read every day for advent
I've decided to let the Revised Common Lectionary do the work for me. It's been fruitful.

198. Visit a lake

199. Go swimming at least once
Yep, thankfully.

200. Go sledding
Crap. I don't know if I've gone sledding since the writing of this list.

201. Watch a James Bond movie without falling asleep
Not that I know of.

202. Go golfing
Yep. But not that much.

203. Wear earrings for a day
Bjorn and Aly's wedding.

204. Get one more belt
I didn't. And now the one that I had doesn't fit anymore.

205. Learn some guitar chords
I didn't learn anymore chords since the writing of this list...and I probably forgot the ones I knew.

206. Write a song
Nothing official

207. Maintain your eyebrows

208. Spit in a new ocean
Does the Baltic Sea count? Or whichever ocean is by Turkey?

209. Go to a Minnesota Twins game
Been to quite a few. Only one in MN, at Target Field.

210. Organize and update your quote calendar
Sadly, I don't even know where my quote calendar is.

211. Let bygones be bygones

212. Get rid of all the extra bags
Not sure what this was originally about, but even though we have a million cloth grocery bags, we still manage to accumulate a billion plastic ones. Lame. I would like to get rid of these eventually (they do make great small garbage can liners).

213. Wear sunscreen
In the summer, always

214. Acquire a frame for the map of the world
Haven't, but it is hanging in the baby's room.

215. Learn how to make plum jelly
Have made plum jelly twice since this list was written. The second batch turned out better than the first, and lasted for a long time.

216. Burn a candle until it is gone

217-226. Develop 10 new characters

227. Create your own coffee shop
Only in my head. This isn't as strong of a dream as before.

228. Sing in front of an audience
I'm sure I have. But not as much as I used to.

229. Grow your own peas
Haven't tried.

230. Care more about people than their grammar
Really have been working on this. Have complimented a few people on their proper usage.

231. Get a manicure
Not sure if I did. Not a professional one at least.

232. Get a pedicure
See 231

233. Get a massage
I did. It was glorious.

234. Research the possibility and personal practicality of owning a bicycle
Got a bike. Rode it a few times. The seat got stolen. Has been chained to the bike rack ever since (over a year now).

235. Write a short story
Maybe. I don't know.

236. Write a long story
I have a good one in my head. No time to write it (or to research some of the things that I would need to research to make it a good's sort of science-fiction-y)

237. Write an essay

238. Write a letter to an editor
No, and I really don't want to either.

239. Finish this list
Not yet.

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