Monday, December 5, 2011

My usual church history post

Oh Blog, you knew I wouldn't stay away for very long!

I am working on homework all day today, so of course I've been twittering and looking up things that don't matter on the internet. Yesterday during my Sunday afternoon nap, I dreamed that we had frozen pizza for dinner (cooked it, of course), so after Bible study, I told Steve that I had a dream about pizza, and he said, "That's funny, because I was thinking about pizza during the Bible study." So at 9pm, we drove to the store and got a frozen pizza. It was glorious. We sat on the couch and enjoyed our late, much-anticipated pizza, and watched/felt awkward/laughed a lot at this show.

Speaking of dreams, the other night I dreamed (dreampt?) that Steve told me I should get a pair of Tom's Shoes. Now as you know, I take my dreams very seriously. But also, you may remember that Tom's have not always been my favorites. So while I was reading my Church History book today (see below), I was also browsing some Tom's, to see if I could find any shoes that struck my fancy. Found these:
I like the color and the braid on the bottom. Also, this picture is TINY! Better to follow the link. I could try to make the picture bigger, but it is funnier this way.

So anyway, I am reading my usual Church History book, and of course came across a quote I liked. What are we all going to do next semester when I'm not reading this book anymore?
"To the Church the war came as an opportunity and a challenge -- an opportunity, because Christianity flourishes more in the soil of adversity than in that of prosperity and ease; a challenge, because war strikes at the very heart of the Christian gospel of love and forgiveness." (page 416, on the first world war)

Mmm. Lots to chew on. Thanks, Church History! Last night in our Bible study, we talked about anxiousness and frustration (actually, it's a book study on this book), and a lot of times anxiousness (and worry, discontent, frustration, etc) is less about our circumstances, and more about how we react/respond to them. Apparently God is using Church History homework and Bible Study to tell me something. How do we respond to our circumstances? Do we see them only as challenges, or also as opportunities? As always, it is best to remember that God cares for us, and that he is in control. Also, someone might see your life and think the grass is totally greener in your yard!

Hope your day is merry!

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