Friday, December 16, 2011

Of houses and history.

Well people, it's not Monday, but I'm posting anyway. Don't try to manage my creativity!!

This morning I started and finished a paper for a class. Crossed the entire class of my semester's To Do list, no big deal. And while I should be finishing another assignment so I can start spending the weekend studying for Monday and Tuesday's finals, I am instead going to reward myself for finishing Modern Church by posting a picture of my dream house. I stole it from the letterhead of a Christmas note, so someone probably already lives in this particular house, but who says I can't live in one just like it? Also, if the interior could look like a log cabin, then I could more easily convince Steve to live here too ;)
Ok, the porch could be a little bigger.

I'm still deciding whether I would prefer this house to be in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees...or in the middle of a city, within walking distance of everything.  Decisions, decisions.

Ok, back to work.

PS....currently listening to this.

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