Wednesday, November 23, 2011

All the mundane* things that charm me most

Firstly before you read any farther, please go here for the music that I have personally selected for you to listen to while you read. You will want to open it in a new tab.


Ok, so I realize that it has been a while. As of just moments ago I was a bit behind on my blog reading, and even further behind on blog writing.

Exhibit A

My life is pretty mundane right now, and that is a good thing. I can't always be out making pictures of fabulous things (or fabulous pictures of mundane things). Mainly because this is what it looks like all the time when I look out our window.
Exhibit B

I do have a post up my sleeve (maybe) about (infant/believer/believer infant) baptism, but still gathering my thoughts on that one. I really always thought that I would not have to make a decision about this until we had a baby, but alas, I have to have an answer for a class. So I have until the end of the semester to come up with an answer (which is just around the corner).  As always, I'm leaning toward being ok with infant baptism. Of course I'm ok with believer baptism as well. I grew up in a denomination that does both. And baby dedications too (which I really can't see much difference in this and infant baps outside of the water...which I guess is important....but then why bother to dedicate your baby and not baptize? or vice versa?). I do know that I always feel a little uncomfortable in a church that won't even consider infant baptism. Ok. Another post for another time.

Anyway, since the old blog received a very nice shout-out the other day, I felt like I needed to have something new posted. And since it's gloom city today, I took some pictures in our apartment.

They are very mundane. Are you still listening to the music? Unless you are in a library, or sitting in a very important meeting while reading this, you have no excuse! What other station would play piano renditions of both Come Thou Fount and Smells Like Teen Spirit? You are missing out if you've read this far without the proper soundtrack.

Ok. Onto mundane pictures.

Exhibit C. Today I made some beer bread. We have had some beer bread mix just waiting for a moment like this since last Christmas. It is yum.

Exhibit D. Also made a stew of sorts in the crock pot (see Exhibit B, for what type of day it is). It is cream based,  and has various vegetables and chicken. If it doesn't thicken up (and even if it does), we plan on adding some pieces of beer bread (see Exhibit C) to it, instead of crackers.

Exhibit E. Since we were out buying beer for bread, I also got some for making soap.  Just to experiment. I've read that beer has to be COMPLETELY flat before you can even begin to think of adding lye to it. So it has been sitting on the counter since last night. Perhaps by Friday it will be flat? I guess I don't know how long it takes to De-carbonate a carbonated beverage**. I bet google knows. Anyway, aside from having a nice color, beer soap is also supposed to be good for your skin. We shall see!

Finally, Exhibit F. We got this candle as a wedding gift, and I absolutely love how it smells. I have been trying to ration out how often it gets used so that it will last longer. I don't know what it smells like. Purple? There isn't a label on the bottom. If you are an expert in smells, please come over and smell this candle and tell me what it is so I can buy more and burn them all the time. Also, so I can make soap that smells the same. Thanks in advance.

*To be said quickly, since it is replacing a one-syllable word.
**Because I rarely if ever drink carbonated beverages, pop, beer, or otherwise, and because we're not allowed to have beer in our apartment when it's not Thanksgiving break. Disclaimer, in case you were wondering about the integrity of this post. Rest easy, we're not breaking any rules.

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