Thursday, October 28, 2010

Truly, I think he has a good heart.

In an effort to become a better grown-up, I watched this.  I liked it enough to want to share it somewhere, but am fearful of the negativity that could result if I shared on facebook.  So here it is, to my faithful blog follower(s).  Something positive about politics.

I don't know if I will be voting on Tuesday for the following reasons:

1.  I can't find my voter registration card (though, it is somewhere in this apartment...I'm guessing, if I were smart, it's lost somewhere in my purse, but more likely, it is in a stack of papers somewhere in the office/guest bedroom).
2.  I have class all day on Tuesday, not sure if I would make it back on time.
3.  Based on all of the advertisements on TV, I'm only sure of who I don't want to vote for, not of who I do want to vote for.

Will you vote on Tuesday?  (It is Tuesday, right?)

I am excited that campaigning against others will be temporarily over, but I am not looking forward to hearing all the complaining about the results (no matter what they are).  Can't we all just get along people?


Laura said...

I just looked it up. It seems like the polls are open later than I thought. So reason 2 is void.

Laura said...

Ok. I found our voter registration cards. Mine was buried in my purse, Steve's in a stack of papers in the office.

Now I have no excuse really other than knowing nothing about those who are running. For shame.

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