Thursday, October 22, 2009

More evidence that I am a visual learner (and also that maybe I should've been left-handed at more things).

Think back to last March. Or think ahead to next summer. What do you see? How do you picture the time that was or will be?

Or should I say,

Do you picture or imagine time? I do. Sort of. It is difficult to articulate it. So I have produced some diagrams via paint (the best program a computer can possibly offer) to help me explain.

Bear with me.

Ok, let's start on a big scale. If I were to picture last March, I would picture myself in a linear (although 3 dimensional) calendar that reads from right to left. I would be somewhere on the line where October should be (since it is October, after all), but looking over my shoulder to March. If I am looking ahead to next summer, I picture myself still in October, and in the linear calendar, but since I am visualizing next year, I read it from left to right (although once I am in next year, like as soon as it actually becomes 2010, I will read it from right to left again). I always think of the current year as right to left, and the next year as left to right.

On a smaller scale, when I'm planning my weeks and days, I always think from right to left (looking ahead or behind, but if I were to step outside of it, it would read right to left).

Am I totally crazy or what?

I am not really talking about calendars here, I read those as they are just fine. But in my mind's eye, I just picture time a bit differently. Where does this even come from?

Next week is fall break. Hopefully will take lots of pictures. Maybe a few good ones.

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Laura said...

upon a fresh look at this with steve, we discovered that it is possibly easier to think of it as time moving clockwise, vs right to left and then left to right.

it's like a clock and a calendar had a child.

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