Monday, October 12, 2009

Energized, exhausted

Indirectly, today, I was challenged to think about what activities energize me and what activities exhaust me.

Here is what I could think of:

Three things that I am never too tired for:
1. Learning and relaying information
2. Brainstorming
3. Taking pictures of things or people as they are

Three things that suck the life out of me:
1. Planning and executing events for other people
2. Church meet and greet (or "Passing the peace")
3. Disconnectedness

What are the activities that energize you? What are the activities that exhaust you?


Eva Joy said...

Things I am never too tired for:
1) Sitting in a classroom and learning something.
2) Playing Rook.
3) A one-on-one conversation with a good friend.
4) Creme brulee-lee-lee-lee-lee.*

Things that suck the life out of me:
1) Church meet'n'greet (or any other meet'n'greet, for that matter).
2) Yelling/raised voices.
3) Filling out forms.
4) Small talk.

*This is not actually true, but that video was way too funny.

Laura said...

I wonder there is a higher percentage of people who don't like meet n greets? A survey should be done, because if no one likes them, why have so many all the time? Who knows though, I'm only basing this on yours and my things that we don't like. It could be a little biased :)

Laura said...

And yes, that video was hilarious!

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