Sunday, September 6, 2009

You missed out

Dear Starbucks,

When I worked for you I thought that it would be such a great idea for you to sell coffee candles. Not just any coffee candles, you know the ones that smell like coffee when you burn them (might even have some decorative beans on the side), but candles that are made to replicate drinks.

Even though I think Caramel Macchiatos are kind of gross, I would think that a candle that is made to replicate such a drink would sell big time. I would even (maybe) buy one. The candle container could be shaped like a mug (maybe a clear one, so you can see all the layers. It really is a beautiful looking drink, sold short because people insist on using paper to-go cups). Working from the top down (because that is how candles work), the candle could have a nice caramel smell with a hint of espresso. The more the candle burned, the more it would give way to a full on espresso smell. Then finally, as you burned the candle even more, it would start to smell like a soothing vanilla (just like the bottom of an actual caramel macchiato). Sidenote: I always thought it was pretty stupid of people to order a caramel macchiato and then ask for it to be stirred. Why don't you just get a vanilla latte with thick caramel mixed in? But I digress, even in a side note.

Where was I?

Anyway, so I thought, why not get candles for all of the drinks? People would buy them. People who don't even love coffee love the smell of it. Candles create the smell without having to like the coffee.

Well Starbucks, you are too late. Just the other day in IKI, I picked up one of these.

What's this, you ask? A mocha?

...It's a coffee candle, complete with sprinkles!

When it is completely burned, I intend to clean this cup out and use it as a cup. It appeals to me in so many ways. I wonder if they will come out with a caramel apple cider candle next?

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