Thursday, September 3, 2009

I thought these things only happened in the movies.

Today we had to go down to the migration office to get our new temporary residence permits for the year. It is about an hour walk away, so we decided to ride the bus.
While waiting for the bus, I noticed a boy (perhaps about 10 years old? I don't know, I am a poor judge of ages) running across the street. And I appreciated the fact that he was running in a way that suggested to me that he was either:
a. A dancer
b. A gymnast

I thought this because his toes hit the ground first, not his heals, as he ran across the street.

When he got to the sidewalk, he began to walk (because there are rarely cars on the sidewalk, no reason to run), heal to toe. Like most normal non-dancers walk.

I pointed him out to Steve and said, "look at that boy (at that point, the boy stooped down to tie his shoelaces), when he was running before, he was running toe to heal, I wonder if he is a dancer or a gymnast?"

Then the bus came, and I was feeling inspired, so I walked to the bus toe-to-heal to demonstrate how the boy was running. Meanwhile, we get on the bus, punch our tickets, and go stand by the windows because there are no available seats.

And as we're driving away, we look out the window, and the boy is Billy Ellioting down the sidewalk. Just dancing his little heart out as he traveled forward. It was awesome. And he was a good dancer. Made my day. And made me want to watch Billy Elliot sometime soon.


Laurel said...

you know, they've made it a musical now, too. :)

Laura said...

I would like to see it!

ashpad said...

never heard of this. i take it its recommended?

Laura said...

yes! watch with subtitles so you can understand it.

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