Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall Break

Tonight we took two hours to get away from campus for a little bit. It was much needed (though the evening isn't over. Steve is going up to his office to work, and I have a meeting in 10 minutes). We ate some very tasty spinach lasagna and walked around the old part of Klaipeda. There were so many things that I wanted to take a picture of. But I didn't have my camera, and we didn't have that much time to stop and take a picture of everything.

It dawned on me that we haven't been that great of tourists here in Klaipeda. So I thought it might be nice to pretend to be tourists and walk around the city as if we'd never been here before.

I will have to wait another month, and so will you, because as it turns out, we have to stay in town for Fall Break (the opposite of last year when we had to leave the country). Steve is on duty so we can't leave. It will be the perfect time to be tourists...and we won't even have to pay for a place to stay.

Anyway. I don't have any pictures to post. Or any profound thoughts. And I have a meeting in a bit. But I can't wait for fall break so I can take touristy pictures of Klaipeda (hopefully I will have things to post about in between then and now though). That is all.

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