Friday, September 25, 2009

Made With Smiles In European Union

This past week I had my typical yearly sinus cold. Normally at the grocery store, there is one option for buying a box of facial tissues: white box with scratchy white tissues inside.
Now, I had completely used all of the tissues in the box (naturally), so today we walked over to the store (turns out we needed more than just tissues). I was overjoyed to see that even though there was still only one option, it was certainly a more colorful one. I was even more delighted as I tore away the top of the box (girl needs to blow her nose) and read about where it was made. I want to make t-shirts.

There's more. The tissues are multi-colored! And SOFT! Jackpot. And I'm getting over the cold, so these will stay around for awhile. They really tie the room together.
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