Monday, March 2, 2009

Progress Report -- March

Today I looked at my phone to see what time it was (and really that's what I use it for the majority of the time), and noticed the date. 02/03/2009. On my phone the date is expressed with the date first, the month second, and the year third.

This got me thinking about my old blog. And then it got me thinking about how it's been 2 months since 2009 started, and what have I to show for it? Even though I only said I would do 9 things this year...I feel like I should pace myself so that I can have a nice December and not have to do all 9 of them then. Plus, what is the point of setting goals for a year, if you don't take the year to accomplish them?

So, here were my goals. And in italics will be some thoughts.

1. Start and complete a 500-1000 piece jig-saw puzzle (This will be difficult. Challenging. And I may have to start now if I want to finish by the end of the year. I am not good at jig-saw puzzles).

Done and done. It feels like a thousand ages ago. Sometimes I feel like planning for different events is like putting together an enormous puzzle. Except the pieces aren't just laying there on the table next to a nice picture of what the finished product will look like. Just a little glimpse into my world, via italicized thought.

2. Work my way up to eating 5 servings of fruit per day (I've learned that I can't start cold-turkey. Mmmm.....turkey).

Today I fruit. Yesterday I ate...tomatoes...and orange juice. It's slow going, people. Oh wait, this evening I did have a small cup of fruity tea, so there's that. I think my strategy might have to lie in drinking more orange juice. That and deliberately buying and eating fruit.

3. Reduce more, Recycle more, Reuse more (not because it's green, but because it's what I've been taught since childhood)

So far, I feel like I could be doing more, but we have been remembering to bring our cloth bags with when grocery shopping...and I've been saving and reusing jars like crazy. Also, we have been finding creative ways to recycle paper. In the future (possibly after spring break), I would like to find a space either in our apartment or out in the lobby of the dorm to put boxes for plastic. Then, when the boxes are full, I would carry them to the nearest recycling bins.
The recycling bins are interesting looking...interesting enough to take a picture of someday, and therefore eventually interesting enoug
h to blog about.

4. Continue to try to like tea. Learn more about the different kinds enough to have an educated conversation about tea with someone who loves it.

Every time I am somewhere and someone offers me tea, I have said "yes, please." I have had a lot of tea in 2009. I would argue that I've almost matched my previous lifetime total. Do I like tea? Well, I don't mind it. I don't drink it on my own too much, so it's still in the category of country music and burger king for me. I still don't care too much for the flavor of black tea, but have been slowly warming up to herbal and green. There's a pun in there somewhere. I still need to be educated about tea more, which the second part of the goal.

5. Practice Lithuanian

Some. But nearly as much as I would like. I still remember words, but am forgetting grammar like crazy. Like crazy is my current description of choice. I feel like I am allowed to repeat myself sometimes. On the other hand, I am starting to feel about Lithuanian what I feel about I could pick it up faster than the first time around.

6. Learn the Russian alphabet, and some words

Still desperately need to do this. Still desperately want to do this. This week isn't looking good. Next week isn't either. Or the week after that. But maybe somewhere inbetween all the busyness, I will pick it up by submersion. And if that doesn't work, I still have the Rosetta Stone tucked away in a safe place.

7. Read the manual for our camera

I had/have such big plans for this. I am going to read a chapter, and then spend a chunk of time only practicing that setting. I have not opened the book yet, nor have I had time to. But when I do, I will certainly blog about it. Spring break is coming soon, and I will have a long ferry ride to Sweden to get some reading out of the way, and then a few days to practice my moves on a new country.

8. Stop touching facial blemishes

I suck at this. In 2006 I gave up unnecessarily touching my face for lent. This year I gave up facebook status updates. I will continue trying to not touch my face unnecessarily.

9. Learn more about the church calendar

I'm saving this one for a later date. A later date in 2009, but a later date nonetheless.

So there you have it. I also had some goals for this blog, which were:
3 blogs a week (or, an attempt to post not daily, but frequently)

A picture with every post.

Well, if you consider that it has been 4 weeks since I've started this blog...then I should have 12 posts. So I'm a little behind on that, but not bad.
I've stuck with labels, but a few times...ok a lot of times, I've had to go back and put them in after I've published the post.
And, for better or for worse, I've included a picture with every post. It has been challenging. But in a good way.

Which reminds me:

As you may have guessed, I love making pictures of things and places. For many reasons. Maybe even enough to blog about it someday. But if I must photograph people, it is best when they are caught up in the moment, showing their true faces. Candid shots, if you will. And I think you will. This picture is not really that high quality in terms of the actual picture. But the faces are priceless to me.

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