Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Excuses and a style break

I have not posted in a while because:
2. The computer at home suddenly thinks that blogger is a bad website and won't let me access it (Steve tried to post some comments here and other places, and it wouldn't let him)
3. I'm too busy to sit and figure out the second reason
4. So now I'm posting from my office, so you won't think that I've died
5. But really, since I'm in my office, I need to be working on the pile of other things.
6. Perhaps this weekend will provide some time.

No labels. No photos. Sorry.

Topics for the future (possibly):
a. The Shack
b. To go you must leave


Eva Joy said...

I'm going to be in VA this week. My friend has school from 8-4 each day. I brought my camera and microphone so that I could Skype you guys because it has been way. too. long. Any chance you feel the need to schedule a break from you busyness some evening*?

*Just to clarify: evening for you, morning/afternoon for me.

Eva Joy said...

p.s. I read the Shack in Hawaii. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. There is a 81% chance I will respond/interact.

Laura said...

Yes! Let's try to do that. We haven't set our clocks ahead yet, so I think VA is only 6 hours different (daylight saving is this coming weekend). Tonight and tomorrow I think we'll be around after 8:30p...and I don't know about Friday...How long are you in VA?

PS...I am waiting for Steve to finish the Shack so I can talk to him about it before I write anything

Laura said...

And when I say I don't know about Friday, I mean, it could very well be wide open as far as schedules go...I just don't know if anything is planned.

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