Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I tried desperately to make a poll, but blogger wouldn't let me. Must be a glitch.

Oh well, it's better to ask anyway, then you can explain your answer...although now it is not anonymous.

Which do you remember better, faces or names?

a. faces
b. names
c. both
d. neither
e. whichever is introduced first
f. whichever is introduced second

If I know the name before I meet the person...their face is a blur to me....for longer than I would care to admit. And vice versa.


Emily Grace said...

Name, I think. Maybe both. But, I definitely remember almost every name I ever come across. It's annoying, because those people often don't remember me.

Eva Joy said...

I'm pretty good with both, but I would have to say faces. I always recognize a face and although I can usually recall the name, I occasionally have to ask.

Guy Magno said...


Laurel said...

Faces. I have to intentionally pay attention when I ask someone's name or else i don't remember it.

cutewatergirl said...

Faces, I am constantly out and about and see someone and cannot figure out who they are but know I know them, and can usually tell you what or where I know them from but not their name. Annoying!

LOVE THE PICTURE!!! (Even though it makes me nauseous...)

Laura said...

I usually remember whatever is introduced first.

Examples: if we are all sitting in a group for the first time, and then go around and introduce ourselves, I will remember what you look like, I will remember a stupid fact that you say about yourself...I will not remember what letter your name starts with.

If I hear that there is a person named Pat from Florida arriving on the 12 o'clock bus, and then we go pick up Pat, meeting Pat for the first time. Later that week/month, Steve and I will walk past Pat in a store or someplace and I will not think anything of it. And then Steve will say, did you see Pat in the store? And I will say, you mean Pat from Florida, who we picked up on the 12 o'clock bus? No, haven't seen Pat in like a week/month. And then Steve will say, "You walked right past him in the store and I said Hi." And then I will have to admit that I didn't recognize the person that Steve said Hi to at the store. Totally made up story to represent what generally happens.

I typically remember birthdays very well. Do I know the date currently? Rarely.

Also, thanks Jess. I think my hair looks totally fake, but I like how you can see two definite faces. Steve took it.

In other news, I had fruit today! One banana, and shared a whole bowl of guacamole with Steve. That's like an entire avocado to myself. Progress is progress.

Tomorrow we are off to Sweden, and probably won't post for a week. Please don't forget I exist. ;)

Warren MacLeod said...

Faces. Often I'll recognize a person having only seen them once or twice and remember them.

Names, on the other hand, are not so hot with me. I often find someone telling me their name only in order to have me promptly forget it.

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