Saturday, January 11, 2014

Reading Record - Book 1: Culture Making, by Andy Crouch

In recent times I have heard some statistics about the terrible (or even non-existent) reading habits of Americans. The numbers vary slightly, but the conclusion is the same: statistically, Americans don't read very many books in the course of a year. This has inspired me to tell you about every book I read this hopes of inspiring more reading in America. Dream Big!
Anyway, I decided to document the books I read in 2014 here. I probably won't give too many book reports or anything like that, but I will give the title and a general synopsis...and will probably say things like "Yes! Read this book right now!" Or, "No! Don't bother!"
I have a huge (and on-going) list of books to read (both on my phone, and on my library account), and every time someone recommends a book, I add it to the list. So every book I read in 2014 will have been liked by at least one person in the past. I also am a chronic re-reader, so I am sure there will be a handful of books that I've read at least once or ten times before.
Perhaps this year's reading list will help you add to your own list, and to read at least one more book than you normally would have.

Book 1:
Culture Making, by Andy Crouch

A few years ago, someone recommended this book. Since then I have checked it out from various libraries, read the first half of it, gotten busy, accrued late fees, and then returned it unfinished. More than once this happened. A couple of months ago there was a deal on this book on Kindle, and I jumped on it. I have no regrets. Since 2014 began, I re-re-re-started this book and FINALLY finished it. Crouch talks about the various ways that Christians deal with culture, and suggests that we need to be creators and cultivators of culture. It is the way that God created us! I would definitely recommend this book.

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