Saturday, February 23, 2013

One more brief break

Hello again. I know I should spread these breaks out a bit, but I'm sitting here now. Want to get these done while the baby sleeps.

I made some coffee soap again last weekend! The last time I made it (nearly a year and a half ago), I stuck to the recipe and added the coffee grounds and walnuts to the mix. Well, it turned out to be TOO MUCH FOR MY PRINCESS SKIN to have all of those exfoliants in one bar of soap. It feels nice if you're washing the bottom of your feet, but not as an everyday soap (my opinion).

So this time around I left out the walnuts, and only added the coffee grounds to the top (so that each bar has a little exfoliation option). We will find out in another month if they are any good, and if my idea to put the coffee grounds on top was a good one. Until then, they look pretty enough to eat! But that would be gross. Don't eat soap. Unless you have a potty mouth.

lovely brick of soap, about to be cut into bars. coffee grounds swirled about on top.

pretty little bars all in a row

it was a big batch of soap

In other news, it would appear (based only on the words in the links, I didn't click on them to double check) that there are some questionable sites that are sending people to this blog. Sorry (not sorry) people. You won't find porn here. Although, I it better to be looking for porn and stumble across some Lent verses, or to be looking for Lent verses and accidentally find some porn? Gross.

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