Friday, July 27, 2012

Missions to the west

I have been s l o w l y reading through this book over the course of the summer. Hopefully I can finish it in the next half hour or so, so I can watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Ok, Ok. Even if I don't finish the book, I'm watching the Olympics.

Anyway, I thought this was thought-provoking:

"The non-Western church is now seeing the spiritual needs of the West, and non-Western nations are now sending missionaries to the United States. [There are] several African, Asian, and Latin American missionaries to the United States. These [are] individuals who [have] been commissioned by  non-Western churches to bring the gospel to non-Christians in the United States. Unfortunately, because of financial constraints, most non-Western missionaries will serve churches among their own immigrant communities or among the urban poor. Culturally, the gulf between a non-Western missionary and white Americans is significant. These non-Western missionaries, therefore,  have little or no effect upon the most spiritually needy population in the United States: the middle and upper-middle class, suburban white American."

Page 192

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