Monday, July 16, 2012

Looking ahead

As you may or may not remember, I am terrible when it comes to blogging in Summer. Perhaps you also remember that I spend a lot of Summer dreaming about Fall, Winter, and Spring. Anyway, today is no different, and here I sit getting excited for the Christmas Markets that are close by, coming in November.

This year Pittsburgh is going to have a holiday market in Market Square. I am super excited. First annual. From November 24-December 23. Every day! Come visit us, people. We'll go to the Pittsburgh Christmas Market. Here are some pictures of Market Square in the summer. Just picture it being winter and you'll get the idea. Also, there will be Christmas decor and vendors selling Christmassy things. And ice skating.

Secondly, the Toronto Christmas Market. We failed to go last year, due to scheduling conflict, but this year we will try, try again!  We have a smaller window (every day from November 30-December 16), and a little bit further to drive, but it just looks so lovely. Ahhhh. If you come visit us then, bring your passport! Here are some pictures of Toronto's Distillery District in Spring. Like before, just imagine it being Winter, and you'll get the idea. Or just watch the video, and prepare to get your heart warmed.

(Ok, this is not the Distillery District, it's Nathan Phillips Square, where ice skating takes place. But the following pictures are where the Christmas Market is)

And here is the video. I think I've posted it a few other times on this blog...but in case you missed it (it should work in your reader just fine...but if you are watching it straight from the blog it is better to watch it on youtube, to get the whole picture).

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