Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Tiredness

Well it's my first evening off, and I So sleepy. I am going to try to stay awake for a couple more hours though, so it doesn't mess up my sleeping schedule. Nothing useful about me waking up in the middle of the night, and then being sleepy again by 9am. I am in the middle (or just past the middle) of a week of an intensive class, Sex, Gender, and the Gospel. It is a good class, but my brain is tired, and my body is not used to being in class for so many hours a day (how on earth did I manage this in high school?). And my Bible study schedule for the semester is: Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night. I am grateful for all of these groups, but my weeks are going to be a bit top heavy from here on out.

Aren't you so glad that this blog isn't censored? You would be missing out on so many mundane details of my life! 

Anyway, I've been having a bit of a 5/16-life-crisis (just one step up from a quarter-life-crisis. Math tells me I'm getting too old for quarter-life-crises). It's not that I don't know what I will be when I grow up (because I'm already there), but just so curious as to what is next.

Have I mentioned that I am graduating in May? Yep. I will be a Master of Religion (Christian History and Theology). What next, then?

Not sure. For me seminary was the goal, not the means to a goal (though I thought these two years would buy me some time to figure it out). I decided that in order to figure it out, I would do a little self-guidance-counseling and make a list of all the schools I've been to and jobs I've had since college began, and answer what I liked and disliked about each one, and see if there were any commonalities. 

I decided not to do every detail as a blog post, but just do the results. Turns out, I am too tired to even finish the list of places with "like" and "dislike" under each one. So it might be awhile before I post/have the results.

Oh man, this post is so boring. Maybe I should go through and censor a few things to make it more interesting. I'm sure if you highlight the words, they will show up. Maybe. So I better not write anything too scandalous. Poopy.

Alright. Well, only have to try and stay awake for a couple more hours. Sorry that this post isn't thoughtful, funny, or inspirational. I haven't had time to make any soap, or take any pictures of soap. But I did get a haircut last week, so there's that.

Here's what I could've posted about if I wasn't so tired:

1. How mad I am at Tyra Banks for still not telling us why Angelea got disqualified. I didn't even like her or want to know anything about her until she mysteriously disappeared off the show, so the joke's on you! Or maybe on me. Anyway, I was going to boycott watching America's Next Top Model until we (as a nation) were told why, but thanks to various SOPA blackouts, I can't figure out when the next cycle starts so that I can properly not watch it.
The lamest announcement of a winner ever:

Ok, this was a month and a half ago. I really haven't thought about it much in that time. But being it is Wednesday night, and I have some spare time here while I'm trying to stay awake, it is what I thought of.

2. The results of my self-guidance-counseloring.

3. How secretly I've been day-dreaming about various ways to live more simply, and how all this sopa/internet censorship is just adding to my evaluation of what sort of differences (for better and for worse) would naturally come about if I used the internet less.

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