Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Snow

Today was the first day of the season that had a legit snow fall (still only a inch or two tops) here in Western PA. We didn't get much of a white Christmas (even in MN), so this little bit of white is welcome! And beautiful. Have to get these pictures posted before it melts.

From our stoop. Lots of snow in the air in the background.

The tree in our yard. Again with the snow in the air.

Our sad little bikes. Mine still doesn't have a seat.

Snowing across the street.

Love that this tree has something to look at all year round.

This picture is essentially the same as the next one.

Taken from the window.

This too. Even though they're dumpsters, they're the most colorful things that I could see to contrast with...everything else.
Hopefully more posts coming soon. I still haven't blogged about our travel adventures last Friday. Lucky for you, the longer I wait, the shorter the description will be. I typed up something the other night about it that was 4 pages single spaced. JRR Tolkien would've been overwhelmed by all the details.

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