Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ho-hum May

Wow. May has been a really poor month for blogging.  It started out being too busy to blog, and then is wrapping up with being not busy enough to blog (nothing to write home about).

The only thing I can think of to blog about is that a week ago I decided that I would learn to crochet.  I am working on a hat that might be too small for even an infant's head.  I am gradually making it bigger (I just crochet so tightly!), but it will probably be a foot tall when it is done.  I am a pretty slow crocheter, so what would take an average person a couple of hours has taken me days.  But still, I count it as progress considering I didn't know how to crochet at all last Tuesday, and now I have a miniature, very tightly wound hat sitting on my coffee table.

Hideous or not, when it's done, I will try to remember to post a picture.  If it is truly hideous, I will probably also post a picture of the pile of unraveled yarn (best thing about crocheting is: if you mess something up, you just unravel it and start over. No resources wasted).

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