Sunday, May 15, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Looking for a church to regularly attend is like looking for the person you will marry.

1. There has got to be some initial attraction, that may or may not have to do with looks, but it might not be a deciding factor for sticking around.
2.  Sometimes you just know whether or not it is "the one" right away.
3.  Others, you need to stay with for awhile before you know.
4.  A lot of times, you stay longer than you should with the wrong one, just because you are happy to at least be somewhere, and you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, particularly if you've been with them for a while.
5.  Down the road, would you like to have children with this person/church?
6.  You need to put in some effort too, relationships go both ways.
7.  What is the fellowship like?
8.  You might ask around a bit before getting involved with a particular person/church you don't know much about.
9.  It takes extra work if there is a clash of cultures and/or expectations.
10.  None are perfect, all have various flaws

Sorry. This really isn't a "funny" list.  We are currently looking for a church to go to.  We went to one this morning that we liked, but we would have to visit a few more times to really be sure.  It's so hard because where one church just doesn't cut it, another one does....but then that other one just doesn't cut it in a different way.  It is tiring.

A church in Toronto.  Not the church we attend.


Kyle said...

"Church Shopping" is exhausting. It seems like is should be easy but it is hard. I think you have a good perspective that different churches have different things to offer and different flaws. I hope you find a home quickly. If all else fails I know this great church in south Minneapolis, with two very cool members that would love to have you. Excited for your visit this summer and the cabin!

Laura said...

We are too (looking forward to hanging out at the cabin)!

And, though the commute would be a bit rough at first, I'm sure we could get used to the church in south Minneapolis. It's always nice to know someone at church :)

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