Sunday, January 9, 2011

Well, last night I finally worked up the courage to sew something.  I have to admit, for as excited as I am, it is also so intimidating to have this machine with all these gadgets and dials, and thread going every which way...not to mention a needle!!

So today I decided that I would read up a bit (also, since the last post about sewing, I have become convinced that maybe quilting IS a good thing to start with, thank you, Emily), since I really just don't even know where to start (last night I sewed on a square of fabric to an already made apron.  I'm not expert, but I feel like I could have done a better job).  Anyway, I quickly became confused while I was reading, because I couldn't imagine/visualize what the instructions were even talking about.  So I went to youtube and watched a couple of videos, and instantly became convinced that I need more supplies.  In addition to the machine and fabric and a Sewing for Dummies book, here is what I have: 

Some more supplies.
Which is great.  They are probably all pretty important.  But, how much easier would my life be if I had one of those green boards and clear ruler thingys and a pizza cutter for fabric (I can't actually remember what any of these items is actually called).

But being it is the Sabbath, I will go to church now instead of going shopping for all these things that I need.

Tomorrow, though.

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