Monday, January 3, 2011

9. Accomplish at least 2 of the unbolded goals for 2008, particularly the ones that refer to the fact that I once again live in Pennsylvania.

Here they are, straight from the 2008 goal list (which was much more massive than 2011's list):

1. Go to Boston
5. Go to Washington DC
9. Go to Niagara Falls
13. Go Colonial Williamsburg
17. Go to a Boston Red Sox Game
21. Go to The Poconos
23. See the Statue of Liberty
24. Go to New Hampshire
27. Go to Vermont
31. Go to Connecticut
35. Go to Maryland
39. Go to Delaware
43. Go to New Jersey
179. Go to Canada


Lauryn said...

So, is it cheating to double up and visit Washington DC and Canada, then count them for #10 and #4 on your 2011 list? :)

Laura said...

Hmm...I think Canada can only count for this list if I also visit a different new country for the other one.

I should probably take D.C. off of this list. Or, I will keep it on there, but not count it. ;)

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