Monday, April 12, 2010


So often I hear people saying things like, "I deserve this!" or "Way to go, you deserve it!"

And I know people are just trying to be encouraging, or maybe they have worked really hard and would like to have something good come of it.

I don't know. Too me it seems like it is too strong of a word...or maybe just not the right word. It just sounds so...entitled.

Like the girl on America's Next Top Model, who is a young mother, and who misses her daughter while she is on the show...and cries because while she misses her daughter, it is necessary for her to be away for a while, in this competition, because she might win (but I hope every week that she gets sent home...her face looks like she is smelling something foul...not like a covergirl in my opinion). And, after all, she deserves it (in her own words).

But using her criteria, shouldn't a lot of the girls in the competition also deserve to win? Aren't there other girls who are missing their family (children, even), who have wanted this their whole lives, that also "deserve" it? And then, doesn't it kind of cheapen it, if everyone "deserves" to win?

I don't know. Sometimes I deserve a swift kick in the pants, but luckily, I don't always get what I deserve.

I think the next post will be of a picture of something. :)

And, by the way. I just cannot get enough of America's Next Top Model. I loves that show. And I hope Anslee goes home soon. And I hope Brenda realizes that with her short hair she looks like a model and stops her whining about how she misses her hair...and I like Raina more than just because she is from Minnesota. That's all for now. I don't know who will win this cycle yet.

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