Monday, April 19, 2010

Burning question (with a flowery picture)

Since living in Europe, I've met a few people who do not wear deodorant on a regular basis. Some of them I would've never guessed, and others, well....should at least consider it sometimes. I've also heard that some think that the aluminum in antiperspirants is linked to Alzheimer's and Cancer.
So, what about you, mostly North American readers....what do you think? Is deodorant necessary, or is it just one of those things that is like lip balm (if we wear it enough, our body thinks we need it, but plenty of people get by without it....or at least they don't use it as frequently).


Emma said...

There are some deoderants with 14% and others with 19%. Obviously it is better for your health to buy the 14% brand. The aluminum does cause Alzheimer's down the road, if your body chooses to react to it. i think there are some organic deoderants that have less than 14%, or perhaps none at all. As far as the no deoderant for Americans, there is a woman I work with at the hospital, who works really hard and is sweating most of the day, who never wears deoderant. She uses apple cider vinegar or something to clog the sweat glands (don't quote me on this...sounds wrong) and to kill the odor. I've never noticed any sort of smell coming from her for the last 6 years. I still use deoderant. Just saying.

Laura said...

never noticed the percentages before...will have to check that out.

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