Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I think I haiku'd about this awhile back....(I did a search on my blog for "roots" and this is what I came up with).
And then I remembered how much I like my own blog, even though my search came up with nothing I was looking for (no haikus, anyway).
So I searched my previous blog.
And my searches came up empty. But I remembered how much I love Get Fuzzy. So not all was lost.
So then I looked in my Facebook notes, which mostly consist of filling out questionnaires, but sometimes the occasional haiku will sneak in.
And I found it.
And it pointed me to the original post. Why did the search not find it I wonder? Oh well.

Here is the haiku, in case you don't have time to click on the link:
Planted; digging deep
Only to be uprooted
Oh where to blossom?

I wrote it nearly two years ago (when I was moving on, again, from yet another place), and while I am ready to move on from this current place, my heart is aching for something more permanent...a place to be for longer than 2 years. I hope wherever we end up next (and your prayers are appreciated in that arena) will be a place where we can dig roots....where people would know us, and we would know people. For better or for worse. Community.

That's all I have. Sorry to be depressing.

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Laura said...

I love how the first link automatically brings up the current post.

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